5 DIY Pool Cleaning Hacks [2022]

Do It Yourself Pool Cleaning?

It is not necessary for you to spend a lot of money or put in a lot of effort to keep your swimming pool clean. However, a consistent time commitment is going to be necessary in order to maintain the water within the pool clean and fresh. During the height of the swimming season, you will be required to spend at least four hours each week cleaning the pool. While this may seem like a significant amount of time, consider that it is really a very tiny percentage of the total amount of time you intend to spend in the pool.

Invest in the Appropriate Equipment

If you have the right equipment, which you can get from a local pool supply store, cleaning the pool will go much more quickly and without as much effort on your part.

The owner of a pool absolutely has to have a leaf skimmer, which is a long-handled net designed to skim dead leaves, bugs, and other detritus off the surface of the water.

In addition, the cleaning of your pool requires the use of a vacuum. While some vacuums have their own power supplies, others are designed to link to the pool’s filtration system in order to draw electricity. You may use the vacuum to assist you in removing any debris from the bottom of the pool that may have been deposited there.

A wall and floor brush is a brush with nylon-bristle bristles that are used to clean the floor and walls of fiberglass or vinyl swimming pools as well as painted swimming pools. An algae brush is a bristle brush made of stainless steel that is used for the removal of algae from plaster walls.

Calcium deposits may be removed off tiled walls with the use of a tile brush without causing any damage to the grout. On the more difficult calcium scales, a pumice stone may be used instead.

Remove any debris that is on the surface

Skim the top of the water’s surface with the net that comes with your leaf skimmer in order to remove leaves, twigs, bugs, and any other debris that are floating in the pool before they have the opportunity to fall to the bottom of the pool. By making use of the skimmers, the circulation system will become more effective, and the quantity of chlorine that will be required of you will be cut down.

Clean out the Baskets

The strainer baskets of an in-ground pool are placed on the pool deck, while the strainer baskets of an above-ground pool are connected to the sides of the pool. At the very least once each week, the strainer baskets need to have the leaves and other material that has accumulated in them cleaned so that the water flow is not impeded. It is important to keep the baskets clean so that the circulation system can function at its optimal level. If the filter for the pool is unclean, you may remove the particles by hand using your hands.


Weekly vacuuming of the pool is recommended in order to cut down on the amount of sanitizing chemicals used and to maintain the clarity of the water. As if you were vacuuming your carpet, you should move the vacuums in a back-and-forth motion over the bottom of the swimming pool, slightly overlapping your movements with each pass, in the same manner as you would normally do.

Spruce up the Walls

To prevent the accumulation of algae and calcium deposits on the pool walls from developing into a more significant issue, brush the walls of the pool once a week. When cleaning concrete pools, use a firm brush, however when cleaning vinyl or fiberglass pools, use a gentle brush. When working with tile, avoid using anything rigid or abrasive, since this may cause damage to the grout. The scum that forms on tiles near the water line may be removed using a tile brush or sponge, as well as a cleaning that contains chlorine. Make use of a pumice stone or a nylon scouring pad for removing very stubborn stains. Use whatever cleanser the maker of the pool advises you to use.


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