Pondmaster PMK1350 Pond Filter for Crystalline Fountain

Pondmaster PMK1350 Pond Filter: Crystal Cleaning Your Fountain

With biological percolation and mechanical segregation of foreign particles, the Pondmaster PMK1350 Pond Filter with 350-GPH Pump provides you with the greatest solution for eliminating your dirt problems and providing you with clean, refined, and trouble-free moving water. In addition, you might get a sense of comfort when you notice that all of the fish population and koi density you desire are thriving despite the absence of any obstructions and problems with purity. This dependable filtering mechanism provides you with the most up-to-date technology and solution to any issues that you may be experiencing.

Filtration system of the Pondmaster PMK1350 Pond Filter

The Pondmaster PMK1350 Pond Filter has a filtration system that operates on the principle of a pumping unit that can move 350 gallons of water per hour (GPH), as well as a sizeable amount of tubing that connects the pump to the filter. This device, which just needs to be immersed 6 inches down below the water surface, enables the filtering process to be effective as both a biological and mechanical filter, and it has the capacity to percolate up to 800 gallons of water at once. When placed in close proximity to another filter unit of the same capacity, it functions more effectively. In addition, the Pondmaster PMK1350 Pond Filter does wonders for maintaining the health of your fish population as well as your koi gathering.

The Pondmaster PMK1350 Pond Filter is responsible for beginning the entire filtration process, which is followed by the disinfection of the water with ultraviolet light and the clarifying of the water. This in fact causes the fountain or other water sources to become more crystalline and vivid as a result. There are clear causes that led to the development of such an excellent filtration system. At the beginning of the process, the water is forced to go through a closed rough-cut pre-filter and a smooth carbon filter pad. These filters are designed to eliminate any chemical contamination and filter out dangerous components. After being processed, the water is introduced into a fountain display that is ten and a half feet high. This exhibition features a variety of different formations, such as bells, lotuses, and high fleur-de-lis, which contribute to the overall decoration.

The operation of the Pondmaster PMK1350 Pond Filter utilizes only 35 watts of available electrical power. It provides you with a bar handle that has a high tensile strength as well as an easy disconnecting joint so that you can rapidly separate the pump from the source of the water. In order to adapt to any circumstance, this joint comes equipped with a garden-hose thread measuring 3/4 inches, as well as fitting rubber tubing and a power wire of 18 feet in length.

Where to buy the Pondmaster PMK1350 Pond Filter with 350-GPH Pump and Bonus Fountain Head

The warranty for the filter is good for one year, while the guarantee for the pump is good for three years. Both are included with the Pondmaster PMK1350 Pond Filter. You will receive a 350-GPH pump, an 18-foot power cord, a model 1000 filter complete with Polyester and Activated Carbon pads, Pondmaster Adjustable & Aquabelle Fountain Heads if you purchase it from amazon.com. Additionally, you will receive all of these items at no additional cost. The fact that the product reviews contain phrases such as “kicking off the green” and “excellent pump and filter” indicates that it is highly recommended for your application.

Pondmaster PMK1350 Pond Filter with 350-GPH Pump and Bonus Fountain Head Product Features

  • Filtration, both mechanical and biological, for ponds up to 800 gallons in capacity
  • Magnetic drive pump with a capacity of 350 gallons per hour; a flexible line links the pump to the filter.
  • Two free fountain heads create an amazing fountain display that is 10 and a half feet high.
  • Enclosed coarse pre-filter as well as a finer carbon filter pad; power cord measuring 18 feet in length
  • The filter’s dimensions are 12 inches x 12 inches; Limited guarantee on the filter for one year; limited warranty on the pump for three years


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