High Performance Above Ground Pool Sand Filter System for Pristine Water

Gives Big Performance with Little Maintenance

The High Performance Above Ground Pool Sand Filter System with 2HP Motor and 22 inch Tank is becoming increasingly popular among pool owners who are searching for higher-capacity filtration systems for gorgeous water with less effort. This system is designed to give pool owners the water they want without the work they dread doing.

Big pool? — No Problem

Large pools require powerful filtration systems, but having additional power is especially advantageous for sand-filter systems. This is because the force required to drive thousands of gallons of water through densely packed filtration medium is greater with a sand system. According to Columbia, the company that manufactures this filter, it is suitable for use with any above-ground pools of a sizeable size and effective enough to clean even the largest models at a rate of 6,000 gallons per hour.

Easy Installation is a Definite Bonus

It is challenging enough to clean a pool; adding to that the difficulty of installing a filtration system makes it more likely that the system will not be built correctly and will therefore not function well. This high-performance filtration system comes with the pump, tank, and all of the essential accessories in a single box, making installation a snap. The package contains everything from the pump to the tank to the necessary accessories. This package includes everything necessary to begin filtering a pool straight away with the exception of sand to fill the body of the filter.

No Leaks, No Fuss, No Murk

Pool filtration systems are susceptible to corrosion, which can be a serious issue. Electronic pumps are used to power these filters. Despite being built for use outside, any leaks that occur within the system have the potential to render the pump inoperable or, at the very least, cause filtration issues. Because Columbia has designed their pump with a corrosion-resistant body, you can rest assured that it will meet the filtering requirements of your pool for many years to come, regardless of the weather. This will result in beautiful pool water each and every summer.

Buy the High Performance Above Ground Pool Sand Filter System with 2HP Motor and 22 inch Tank

User Reviews

Any promise made by a corporation about a product is just as good as the firm’s ability to deliver on that promise; reviews are essential for anyone looking to buy this essential piece of pool equipment. The High-Performance Sand Filter system has, thankfully, garnered a lot of praise from satisfied customers, as seen by the fact that three out of three High-Performance Sand Filter system owners on one review website praised the system’s efficiency, quietness, and ease of installation.

High Performance Above Ground Pool Sand Filter System with 2HP Motor and 22 inch Tank Product Features

  • Sand Filter System, including all of the necessary hoses and a 6-way position valve.
  • Excellent for Above Ground Pools of Any Size / 6000 GPH Industry Standard 6-Way Position Backwash Valve
  • 1 Year of Warranty from the Manufacturer
  • Fitler sand in the quantity of 200 pounds is not included in the purchase price.

When looking for a filtration system for an above-ground pool that is capable of handling higher capacities with less upkeep, the High Performance Above Ground Pool Sand Filter System with 2HP Motor and 22 inch Tank delivers as well as its name promises it will.


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