Hayward SharkVAC XL – Best Energy Efficient Robotic Pool Cleaner [2022]

Built on the specifications of the well-known TigerShark, Hayward’s SharkVAC XL robotic pool cleaner has tried-and-true cleaning technology, an intuitive and user-friendly design, and high-quality components throughout its construction. The robot incorporates both high-tech features, such as top-access filter cartridges, and user-friendly design into a single package for maximum convenience. It is capable of completing even the most difficult cleaning tasks in any in-ground pool measuring up to 20 feet by 40 feet.

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“Great product saved money and works great.” – Hayward SharkVac Robotic Pool Cleaner delivers a powerful clean by scouring the pool floors and coves. It runs separately from the pool’s filtration system, reducing filter backwash frequency to save both time and money.

  • Main Features

The energy efficiency of the SharkVAC is one of its strongest selling factors. The robot consumes around 94 percent less power than the majority of conventional pool cleaners while retaining its maneuverability and capacity to complete cleaning tasks in a short amount of time.

The filtration system and pump that are already installed in the pool do not affect the operation of the robotic pool cleaning. It is effective due to an on-board computer that analyzes the size of the pool before cleaning and determines the most effective cleaning route to cover the whole surface, including the floor and the wall. This makes it possible for it to clean the pool quickly and thoroughly. In addition, there are two sensors that perform their functions autonomously to ensure that the robot does not operate in an environment that is devoid of water.

By default, the SharkVAC XL will go through a cleaning cycle that lasts for three hours. Having said that, you have the option of setting it to work for a shorter or longer period of time. If the cleaning cycle is programmed to last less than three hours, it will continue to clean for the full amount of time that was specified in the configuration. If you configure the timer length to be longer than three hours, the robot will turn off by itself after the first three hours have passed.

In the event that the second cycle is required, you will need to switch the robot off for about ten seconds before putting it back into operation. You can rapidly remove the filters and clean them with a garden hose while the device is in its resting state since the filter cartridge compartment is conveniently located on the top of the unit and is thus immediately accessible.

  • Customer Reviews

Customers love the fact that the Hayward SharkVAC is very efficient, not just in terms of the amount of energy it consumes but also in terms of the maintenance it requires. This robot does not need a booster pump or an extra hose, two components that are often connected with high costs for their upkeep. When in operation, the SharkVAC XL consumes about the same quantity of power that a standard light bulb does. It is a robotic pool cleaner that also cleans floors, and the principle behind it is the same as that of a floor vacuum cleaner.

The pool cleaner performs measurements and calculations on the size of the pool in the same way that a vacuum does on the floor. Depending on how often it is used, the rubber rollers and filters on it will ultimately need to be replaced after a few years. The fact that these replacement components are not prohibitively expensive is a positive aspect of this situation.

  • Where to Buy

The Hayward SharkVAC XL may be purchased in pool supply shops as well as through a variety of reputable online retailers. Amazon provides several shopping alternatives, including free shipping and free shipping within two business days.


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