Hayward Pro-Series S244T 24-Inch Top-Mount Sand Filter with 1-1/2-Inch Vari-Flo Valve for In-ground Pools Review

This sand filtration system from Hayward’s Pro-Series provides a solution to your pool filtering demands, which you will undoubtedly have to address in the near future as summer draws closer and closer. Hayward, a major brand in the world of pool equipment, strives to supply its clients with nothing but the most cutting-edge innovations in order to deliver to them the very finest goods that are currently available.

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Sand filters make use of sand to collect and remove particles as small as 20 to 40 microns in order to maintain the crystal clear quality of the pool water.

The Hayward Pro-Series S244T 24-Inch Top-Mount Sand Filter with 1-1/2-Inch Vari-Flo Valve for In-ground Pools Has the Following Primary Functions:

Hayward’s S244T model is equipped with a built-in top diffuser as well, which ensures that water is distributed uniformly and thoroughly throughout the sand media bed using an umbrella-style system. Users are stated to be provided with the most effective alternative and the most spectacular productivity figures by employing this sort of filtering strategy. The Hayward Pro-Series sand pool filters have seven different valve positions available to choose from. These include filter, waste, winter, closed, backwash, recirculation, and rinse.

In addition to this, the self-cleaning assembly of the product has slotted laterals that rotate 360 degrees, which allows for rapid drainage of water back into the pool. Because of this technique, the energy costs incurred by users are kept to a minimum, and the filter is required to work for a significantly shorter amount of time. This indicates that the whole functioning of the Hayward sand filtering system is guaranteed to be as energy-efficient as possible, which is something that owners of pools should absolutely take into consideration.

Where can I purchase the Hayward Pro-Series S244T 24-Inch Top-Mount Sand Filter for In-ground Pools with a 1-1/2-Inch Vari-Flo Valve?

In addition, Hayward’s tank is constructed out of weather-resistant material, more specifically material that is long-lasting, colorfast, and analogous to polymers. This Hayward Pro-Series sand filter is absolutely a worthy device that customers will like because it has a tank that is built to last, a filter that is exceptionally efficient, and a backwashing operation that is quick.

The Hayward Pro-Series S244T 24-Inch Top-Mount Sand Filter for In-ground Pools Features a 1-1/2-Inch Vari-Flo Valve and Comes Equipped with a Vari-Flo Valve.

  • The sand filtration system can remove contaminants from the pool that are as small as 20 microns.
  • A diffuser that is built into the top of the unit evenly disperses water using an umbrella-like manner.
  • Durability is provided by a polymeric material that is impervious to rust and the elements.
  • Pool owners can save money on their monthly energy bills thanks to ultra-efficient operations.
  • A limited guarantee of one year is provided by Hayward, ensuring both quality and value.
  • Appropriate for use in ponds and in-ground pools of varying shapes and dimensions

Reviews of the Hayward Pro-Series S244T Top-Mount Sand Filter with a 1-1/2-Inch Vari-Flo Valve for In-Ground Pools, Measuring 24 Inches in Diameter

With its Pro-Series sand filtering system, Hayward has demonstrated once more that it is capable of producing high-quality goods. The majority of reviewers have expressed satisfaction with both the product’s level of functionality and its affordable pricing. Reviewers were pleased with the value they obtained for the amount of money they spent, despite the fact that products sold by Hayward are not the least expensive available on the market. Hayward products are often considered as being superior to the vast majority of other brands.

The majority of reviewers agreed that the Hayward Pro-Series filters perform an excellent job of maintaining the cleanliness of the water in their pools. The fact that their effectiveness and high-quality construction lessen the amount of time that pool owners need to spend monitoring their pool filters is unquestionably a benefit for their clientele.

Quite a few customers commented that the product was simple to set up, however, the process may be more or less straightforward depending on the kind of filter that had been in place previously. It is usually better to seek the assistance of a professional when dealing with issues of this nature because even minor adjustments may be required if the filters that were previously used were not of the top-mount sort.

One piece of advice that was consistently given by reviewers was to check the pH level of the pool water and make sure it was properly balanced. In the event that this does not occur, the spring valve of the product, which is constructed of metal, may rust with time.

When looking to replace a damaged filter, it is highly recommended that you investigate Hayward’s Pro-Series options. The positive reviews that have been left by satisfied customers demonstrate that it offers a reasonable amount of value for the money that it costs.


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