Best Solar Pool Cover and Why to Use Them [2022]

What advantages can having a Solar Pool Cover provide you?

  • In a typical pool, water savings amount to several thousand liters each month.
  • You may add up to 8 degrees Celsius of free heat to your pool, extending the swimming season by many months.
  • Help to prevent dirt and leaves from getting in.
  • Reduce your consumption of salt and chemicals by up to half.
  • Reduce the amount of evaporation by 97%
  • Spend less money on heating the pool.

Keep more of the sun’s warmth for yourself.

The water in your pool may become up to 8 degrees Celsius warmer when you use a solar pool cover. The water in the pool is heated by the free sun radiation that travels through the specialized transparent cover material.

It’s much like having a greenhouse in your garden: the more warmth that comes in, the less heat that escapes.

Reduce your waste of water.

You will be able to save thousands of liters each month. Additionally, the conservation of water is more vital than it has ever been. In point of fact, a pool of typical dimensions may lose up to one and a half times its overall volume. Consequently, a pool with a capacity of 50,000 liters may lose 75,000 liters of water throughout the course of the swimming season. If you install a cover, you won’t have to turn the hose on for around twenty minutes each and every day over the course of the summer.

The water savings have pool owners completely astonished.

Reduce your home’s heat loss.

No matter what method you use to heat the water in your pool, a pool cover will assist in maintaining the warmth just where you want it to be: in the pool water. The one-of-a-kind solar blanket creates a barrier that prevents the cooler air from coming into contact with the warmer pool water. The cover, which functions as an insulator, puts a halt to the natural process of convection, which is the term used to describe the movement of heat from one place to another.

Spend less on the cost of heating your pool. Put on a sun cover for the pool.

Spend less time cleaning up.

Using pool covers will assist in preventing dirt and leaves from entering the pool. Your pool will have far less dirt in it, and most of the undesired material will be blown away. The remaining debris will congregate in one location, where it can be easily swept up and cleaned.
One effective way of cleaning entails rolling up the cover while carefully hosing it off at the same time.

Reduce your use of chemicals.

The consumption of salt and chemicals is reduced by as much as half thanks to solar pool cover. A significant portion of the ongoing expenses. In the end, the chlorine in the pool water will always transform back into its natural condition, which is a gas, and it will be released into the atmosphere. This is true regardless of the form in which the chlorine was first given to the water.

When a cover is used, the gas cannot escape and it remains for a longer period of time in the water. On the other hand, when the gas moves closer to the surface and becomes more concentrated there. The breakdown of the blanket is accelerated by these harsh circumstances.

The blanket is designed to survive the harsh circumstances that other covers cannot, such include high concentrations of chemical agents.

Using a roller will save you time.

The pool coverings may be rolled on or off in a matter of thirty seconds with ease.

The installation of a Daisy roller system is an essential part of realizing the full range of advantages that come with using a Daisy.

When you use the cover correctly, not only do you cut down on the amount of time you spend doing so, but you also add years to the cover’s lifespan.

False Economy

It is essential that you do not eliminate a roller in order to get a discount, since the functionality of your pool cover will be compromised in the event that you do so.

Reduce loss due to evaporation.

A pool cover acts as a physical barrier, preventing water from evaporating from the pool.
It acts much like a lid on a jar and covers the water in the pool. A cover, even while it may not completely seal out air, slows down the processes that produce evaporation.

A cover that is properly fitted may successfully prevent 97 percent of the natural evaporation that would otherwise occur.

Evaporation is affected by a wide variety of factors, including but not limited to water surface area, water temperature, air temperature, air pressure, air density, wind speed, and humidity.

Spend less money for protection that lasts longer.

Because it has been reinforced to endure the severe conditions of a heated chemical environment as well as the elements, the pool cover has a longer lifespan than its competitors.

The resilience of the UltraDome bubble, which is constructed out of very robust polyethylene (PE), serves as the foundation for this strength. In contrast to other covers, two-thirds of the material that is utilized is placed on the bottom side of the cover, which is the side that is most in contact with the water that has been chemically treated. In addition, the bubble material has a consistent thickness throughout and does not have any vulnerable places that may be targeted to shorten the cover’s lifespan.

*Please note that pool safety covers and solar pool covers are not the same things.


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