Best Hot Tubs Comparison Chart [2022]

Today we’ll look at above-ground spas, often known as Hot Tubs and Jacuzzis.

If you’re anything like me, you like hot tubs. But you probably despise the notion of soaking in a public hot tub with a group of sweaty people at a hotel or gym. It’s rather revolting.

So the choice is to forego the pleasures of a hot tub (not recommended!) or to pay for your own…

If you’ve looked around, you’ve definitely realized that you can pay anywhere from $600 for an inflatable hot tub to $5,000+ for a luxury 6-7 seater with a billion jets, sound system, LED lighting, chilled cup holders, and disco ball (ok, I made up the last couple).

So the issue arises, do you need to spend a lot, or would a basic model provide me with 95 percent or more of the enjoyment?

Is it worthwhile to invest in inflatable hot tubs?

I’m creating a separate article on this, so I’ll just give you a quick answer here.

Inflatable spas/hot tubs are ideal if you are unsure if you will use a hot tub on a regular basis. They’re an excellent method to “test the waters,” so to speak, to see if you and your family would benefit from a larger, non-inflatable tub.

The good news is that if you like the inflatable tub, a genuine fiberglass tub will blow your mind!

What should you consider while purchasing a hot tub?

When it comes to picking a tub, there are just a few factors to consider:

How many people can it accommodate? We discover that the advertised number of seats for most spas is, to say the least, unrealistic. If you anticipate having four people in your spa at the same time, you should definitely go for a 5-6 seater. The entire goal of going to a spa is to unwind and relax, which is difficult to do when someone else’s knees are in your ribs! Not to mention when your in-laws visit and insist on accompanying you at the spa… It’s always wonderful to have a little more room.

Is it well-made and long-lasting? You’re going to spend thousands of dollars on this item, so you’ll want it to endure for at least ten years. Spas are generally nice and need little care, but you should always select a business that has been making spas for 10 years or more and has worked out the problems. Remember, a spa has electric pumps and heaters, is always on, is exposed to the weather 365 days a year, and is continually filled with water…

Is it equipped with the characteristics you desire? In terms of priority, this is a distant third. Aside from the typical characteristic of being able to fast heat up or effectively keep hot, you really don’t need to be concerned about the other features. It makes no difference if the spa has 20 or 100 jets. What matters is if you can vary the pressure of your jets. It is critical that certain units have multi-stage jet power. Sometimes you want a mild massage, and other times you want a deep tissue massage.

Hot tubs comparison table

ProductRatingOverall thoughts
Essential Hot Tubs 67-Jet Syracuse Hot Tub (seats 5-6)4.2 out of 5This is a nice mid-to-upper-range spa with a lot of amenities, a lot of jets, and a seating pattern that can accommodate up to 6 persons. When attempting to utilize some of the more complex capabilities, the control panel and explanations are inadequate. Fortunately, these individuals provide excellent customer service.
Essential Hot Tubs 50-Jet Solara Hot Tub (seats 5-6)4.7 out of 5It looks amazing, is well-made, and features a ton of jets to make your spa experience one of the most soothing possible. This tub features changing seat heights, making it suitable for adults and children of various heights and sizes. Essential Hot Tubs are experts in their field.

Best hot tubs detailed reviews


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“We are new hot tub owners and so far extremely pleased with our purchase.” – Relaxation has never been easier with added features such as an LED waterfall, LED perimeter lights, wraparound headrests, Bluetooth pairing speakers, massage jets and portable steps for easy access in and out of the hot tub. Choose to unwind in a Captain’s Chair with rotational jets or enjoy a body massage in the Lounger.

  • Product Overview

A beautiful tub, particularly if your home has a wooden front or features. This machine has three high-performance pumps to guarantee enough jet pressure via the 51 adjustable jets and 16 extra stainless steel jets.

This unit includes five seats, two of which are Captain’s chairs with cushioned headrests and rolling neck and shoulder jets (next level, right?). However, the seat pattern isn’t very organized, so 6 people may sit comfortably.

This monstrosity seems more like a spacecraft than a hot tub. You get a complete digital control unit, but the two Bluetooth-enabled marine-grade speakers are the most helpful feature. That’s correct, you can connect your phone and start listening to music or podcasts while relaxing in the spa.

  • Our rating

4.2 out of 5

  • Product Features
    • 67 JETS: 51 stainless steel two-tone adjustable jets, and 16 stainless steel jets. Relax with passive therapy or switch to an invigorating massage at the touch of a button.
    • SEATS 5-6: Ergonomic seating for 5-6 including 2 Captain’s Chairs and a Lounger. Sink into a therapy seat and get an intense leg massage in the Lounger or grab an invigorating massage in the Captain’s Chairs while listening to the calming sound of the waterfall.
    • 240 VOLTS: 240V/50A electrical connection required, recommend installing by a certified electrician
    • ALL-SEASON: 4kW true all-season stainless steel Balboa heater for year-round enjoyment. Heavy-duty, insulated tapered cover with locking clips included.
    • BLUETOOTH READY: Pair your device with the Bluetooth sound system for relaxation or entertainment.
    • MADE IN THE USA: You can take pride in knowing that your Essential Hot Tub is made right here in the USA.
  • Pros
    • Good sturdy lid that keeps the heat in but isn’t so heavy that you can’t remove it when you want to. Also, the “faux wood” finish on the sides looks good and is going to last soo much better than the old real wood tubs!
    • Make sure you order online, we saw this tub in showrooms for almost twice the price!
    • The tub is great. The service was exceptional. These guys know what they’re doing!
  • Cons
    • The instruction manual is unhelpful and the control buttons are quite hard to manage. Customer service/support has been pretty responsive though.
    • The spa is great but the faux wood steps are ugly AF – really cheapens an otherwise premium-looking spa. Needless to say, we threw them out immediately.
    • There’s no drain on the outside of the tub, so you have to take the access panel off when you want to drain it. An annoying and time-consuming inconvenience.
    • More LEDs inside the spa would be great. There seem to be a lot around the edges, but only a couple inside the unit. Not a major issue, just something to consider.
  • Conclusion

This is a nice mid-to-upper-range spa with a lot of amenities, a lot of jets, and a seating pattern that can accommodate up to 6 persons.

This unit’s strong pumps and several flow settings will have you relaxing in no time.

When attempting to utilize some of the more complex capabilities, the control panel and explanations are inadequate. Fortunately, these individuals provide excellent customer service.


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“Been running for a week and we’re in love!!” – Step into the Essential Hot Tubs Polara and step into your own personal paradise. Our Polara model features 38 stainless steel adjustable jets and 12 stainless steel jets distributed among the ergonomic seating for six. Powered by an energy efficient 5 Peak HP, 2-speed pump and blower, the Polara delivers the power to melt away stress and leave your muscles feeling soothed and refreshed.

  • Product Overview

A stylish hot tub with 50 water jets and a stunning LED waterfall effect. The jets have two degrees of intensity, and the LEDs may be set to practically any hue.

This spa can easily accommodate 5 people, even 6 if you’re willing to rub shoulders! There are two captain’s chairs and one full-length lounger (my favorite). There’s even a cushion headrest on the lounger.

The device is available in a variety of outside colors, but we’ve discovered that gray is the greatest option for avoiding filthy outdoor furnishings. Nonetheless, it is simple to clean and takes minimal upkeep.

  • Our rating

4.7 out of 5

  • Product Features
    • Seats 5-6 adults
    • 50 two-speed jets
    • Outer dimensions: 85″ x 85″ x 36″
    • 400 Gallon Water Capacity
    • 240V/50A Electrical Connection Required
    • 1x 4HP 2spd + 1x 4HP 1spd
    • LED 6” Waterfall feature (water spouts into the tub)
  • Pros
    • Feature-packed, comfortable and comes with a heavy-duty lid to keep heat in and dirt/leaves out.
    • More internal space than you’d expect from a unit of this size.
    • Convenient access to the service area and care were clearly taken during the design phase.
    • Comes with an Ozonator
  • Cons
    • Reports of some minor leaking from pipes, but a call to the support team should quickly get you fixed.
    • The unit is quite heavy even without water (600-800lbs).
  • Conclusion

Overall, this is an excellent spa. It looks excellent, is well-made, and has many jets to make your spa experience one of the most soothing possible.

Nothing is worse than having to sit in a tub when your bottom barely touches the seat and you’re being blown about by the jets. This tub features variable seat heights, making it ideal for adults and children of all heights and sizes.

Essential Hot Tubs seems to know what they’re doing. They’ve been in business for a long time and certainly keep up with the newest in spa building and technology.

Even when you switch off the heater, the temperature remains rather stable. The lid keeps the water heated, however, it’s a headache to seal and open because of the weight.


So, that was a massive post! I didn’t realize how much I like hot tubs… Anyway, I hope you found this useful. Leave a remark and tell me how much you like spas. Keep reading for more of my pool advice.

Best wishes!


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