Aquabot X4 – Best Selling Robotic Pool Cleaner [2022]

Different versions of Aquabot’s robotic pool cleaners are available for use in either home or commercial settings, depending on the model. Customers and online magazines have given many of them favorable reviews, praising important characteristics such as the 4-wheels drive system, greater filtration power, and pressure-washing mechanism to release tenacious filth on the pool floor. The X4 is one of Aquabot’s newest products, and it was specifically created to be an upgrade over all of their other versions.

“This cleaner has exceeded my expectations by far.” – Awarded “Best Value Awarded “Best Value Robot” based on rich feature set combined with the low price – 360° Anti-Tangle Swivel + Oversized 190 Cubic Inch Top-Loading Cartridge + Automatic Timer + 2 Year Warranty
  • Main Features

The Aquabot X4 maintains a lot of the tried-and-true characteristics that have made Aquabot robotic pool cleaners so popular over the years. It has the capacity to filter up to 85 gallons of water per minute and may use pool water for other purposes, such as cleaning the floor with water under pressure. Additionally, there is a spinning brush located below the main unit that helps to break up difficult particles and prepares them for the filtering process. In addition to this, it utilizes AutoX Pool mapping technology to evaluate the dimensions of the pool and choose the most effective cleaning cycle.

The Aquabot X4 has two filter baskets, each of which can hold a maximum of 190 cubic inches of debris. Even dirt that is imperceptible to the naked eye may be sucked up by filtration medium, leaving behind clean, chemical-free water in your pool. Filtration medium filters particles as small as 2 microns. On the control panel, there is an indicator light that illuminates when the bin is full. The canister is easily accessible from the top of the device, and it just takes a few moments to clean with a standard garden hose.

During operation, the Aquabot X4 needs up to around 180W of electricity, and it has its own power source so that it may make more effective use of the energy it consumes. This power supply has a control panel attached to it, which allows you to select a number of different cleaning choices, including the cleaning cycle, schedule, and timer. There are three different cleaning cycles that may be selected: one that lasts for 60 minutes, one that lasts for 90 minutes, and one that lasts for 120 minutes. Additionally, the robot can be set to begin working automatically after 48 hours, 72 hours, or 96 hours.

  • Customer Reviews

The mapping technology of the Aquabot X4 is without a doubt its most impressive feature. This technology not only evaluates the size of the pool but also examines any existing obstacles in order to prepare for future moves. The technology is able to identify any steps or ladders in the pool, allowing the robot to traverse the space without continually colliding with the same obstacles. A durable caddy cart is provided for your convenience, making storing and movement much simpler. Its four-wheel drive technology reduces the likelihood of slippage regardless of the surface materials that the floor is made of.

The cost of the robot is undoubtedly one of its most significant drawbacks. Customers are aware that Aquabot also created versions that were comparable but sold for a lower price. The only way in which the X4 outperforms other models is in terms of the guarantee; nevertheless, the corporation sells it at a somewhat higher price.

  • Where to Buy

The Aquabot X4 may be purchased via authorized dealers, and it is also sold by a select number of retailers that operate only online. This item is available for purchase on Amazon at the time of this writing. Amazon provides free delivery as well as various purchasing alternatives, such as free shipping within one day and free shipping within two days.


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