Aquabot Turbo T4 – Best Elevated Robotic Pool Cleaner [2022]

The Aquabot Turbo T4 has been a powerhouse, but the business has made the decision to increase its performance and simplify the controls in the newly released Turbo T4 In-Ground Robotic Cleaner. Although almost everything that was in the previous version has been carried over, including the sophisticated navigation system and the expanded G-Tooth, the remote control has been updated with a new button arrangement that makes it simpler to use.

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“Great pool sweep, highly recommended.” – Top Loading Massive Dual Filtration Cartridges. No Messy Bags to Clean! Perfect for small vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete in-ground and above ground pools up to 39 feet (12 Meters). Industry-leading pumps circulate 85 GPM for a cleaner pool with fewer chemicals.

  • Main Features

The clever steering system that is powered by an onboard microprocessor is the standout feature of the Aquabot Turbo T4 underwater robot. As soon as it is placed on the floor of the pool, the navigation system activates and begins to measure and analyze the layout as well as the dimensions of your pool. The microprocessor not only controls the turning mechanism of the robot but also directs it to take the course that the computer has determined to be the most effective for cleaning.

Because it cleans every section equally effectively, it does not place an excessive amount of emphasis on certain areas, such as the floor, the walls, or the stairs. Scrubbing and power washing every square inch of the surface loosens all the dirt and particles, allowing for more efficient subsequent vacuuming and filtration.

It is equipped with two vacuum ports and an onboard filtration system, both of which collaborate to keep it from being clogged. The Aquabot Turbo T4 removes particles as big as leaves and sticks as well as particles as little as sand and dirt as small as 2 microns. The amount of time the robot is programmed to operate might range anywhere from one to seven hours. It is capable of vacuuming around 75 gallons of liquid every minute regardless of the cycle.

The drive tracks are enlarged such that they go beyond the width of the robot. This kind of design ensures that it will continue to move around the pool in order to clean all of its surfaces, including the walls, steps, and waterlines. Extended driving tracks also assist prevent the body from making sudden contact with pool walls, which may potentially cause damage to not just the robot but also the surface of your pool.

  • Customer Reviews

Customers have shown a preference for the Aquabot Turbo T4’s filters. After each cleaning, there is very little to no material larger than two microns that remains in the pool as a result of the capacity to filter the trash. The inside of the unit is where all of the debris is kept.

Another advantageous feature is the one-of-a-kind NeverStuck roller design, which enables the robot to navigate around obstacles such as floor drains and convex lighting without getting stuck. The bundle consists of a caddy, a cable that is 75 feet long, and remote control.

In contrast to the standard four-way buttons found on directional remote controls, the Turbo T4 only has three of them and their arrangement is straightforward. Tile flooring is not compatible with the cleaner’s design, despite the fact that it has a NeverStuck roller and expanded drive tracks. On any other surface, though, it will function normally.

  • Where to Buy

Where to Buy The Aquabot Turbo T4 may be purchased in both physical and virtual retailers. The pool cleaner is available for purchase on Amazon provides customers with a variety of purchasing choices, including free delivery, free shipping for two days, and financing for up to a year. Go to Amazon right now for more information.


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